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One of the closest towns to the Pine Cliffs Resort is the charming village of Albufeira, which is a popular tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Old Town is picturesque seaside village with cobblestone streets, candy-coloured buildings and myriad restaurants, cafés, shops and a lively nightlife that make the town a wonderful destination for couples, families or lone travellers alike.

Albufeira has a rich history that can be explored through its architecture, sites of interest and its Old Town. Originally known as Baltum during Roman times, the town was renamed Al-Buhera in the eighth century by the Moors, who then lost control of the town in the thirteenth century to the Knights of the Order of Santiago. The remains of a Roman castle can still be seen along the edge of the town, although the most substantial of the ruins were completely destroyed by earthquake in 1755. Albufeira’s clock tower, the Torre do Relógio, was built on one of the original castle towers.

Today, Albufeira’s Old Town is a relaxed and beautiful place to spend long afternoons and evenings. It features a lovely central square that is lined with trees. Winding streets lead off the main square, and are full of unique shops where avid tourists can buy handmade gifts, art, and clothing. In the summer, bars in Albufeira may be open as late as 4am, making it an excellent destination for late-night partiers who never tire!

What you can find at Albufeira

Albufeira is only a short drive away from the the Pine Cliffs Resort, and well worth exploring during your stay in the Algarve. The two main beaches in Albufeira offer a vast expanse of golden sand with gorgeous sea views. The first, called Praia dos Pescadores (Fisherman’s Beach) forms the southern border of the Old Town and is lined with fantastic restaurants that offer a constant, mouthwatering aroma of grilled fish. The second beach, Praia do Túnel (Albufeira Beach) can be reached through the Albufeira tunnel near the town’s tourist office. This beach features even more restaurants and bars and is a popular place to spend lazy afternoons and fun-filled evenings.

The Albufeira marina offers visitors from the Pine Cliffs Resort a multitude of sea trips and adventures for the entire family, from boat trips to diving excursions. Or visit the nearby waterpark, Aqualand, and the Zoomarine theme park, both fantastic family fun. Whatever you’re after, Albufeira offers a wonderful day out during your stay at Pine Cliffs.