Pure Escapism – A Review of Pine Cliffs Resort

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If you have a busy life (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then a good holiday at least once a year is a prerequisite for maintaining your sanity. If you’re anything like me, then a good holiday is defined by how much you can disengage with your day-to day, and all the responsibilities that come with modern life.

If you judge your holidays by the same measure, then Pine Cliffs resort, near Albufiera on the most beautiful part of the Algarvean coast, is definitely the type of holiday that will suit you. It’s a perfect oasis from the pressure and strain of work and running a family, where all the necessities are on your doorstep and everything is taken care of just the way you like it.

I’m actually writing this review as I sit here in Pine Cliffs resort, which is testament to how relaxing it really is. There’s no way that I’d be able to find the time to write something like this in the UK. Here, however, all the weight of my never ending to-do list has been taken off my shoulders, and I have time to do the things I really want to do – like write about the best holiday I’ve had in years.

So what makes it so great? How does it manage to out-do all of the other resorts in this part of Portugal? The answer is simple: an inspired mix of natural and artistic beauty, and a never ending list of facilities for all of the family to enjoy.

The natural beauty is the first thing to address, because that will be the first thing to strike you when you arrive.  The resort is perched on top of a cliff, overlooking a white sandy beach. Both of these features are absolutely stunning. Unlike many sea-front developments, which can’t help spoiling natural beauty, the built environment at Pine Cliffs serves to punctuate it, with well designed and perfectly manicured gardens at the top of the cliff, and a handy elevator to deliver you straight to the beach no matter your level of mobility or how many young kids you have in tow.

Speaking of kids, the facilities for children at Pine Cliffs are unmatched. Not only are they the best children’s facilities I’ve seen at any resort in the Algarve, they are among the best I’ve ever seen in the world. The playground is seriously cool – with slides, swings, a bouncy castle and even two life sized pirate ships for kids to climb on and unleash their imaginations. My little boy has spent almost the entire holiday in a make-believe world of piracy, and his face really lit up when one of the charming kid’s club staff members told him about the real life piracy on this stretch of coastline in the 1600s. And, of course, all this entertainment and supervised play just makes for an even more relaxing holiday for mum and dad.

Pine Cliffs has a huge amount to offer adults too, including golf, a tennis academy, and much more. Whether you want to relax, or to be active, I’d recommend it to any family.