Sights to see in the Algarve: An award-winning destination

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The World Travel Awards have chosen their winner time and time again – and that winner is Pine Cliffs Resort, set in the beautiful Algarve of Portugal. There’s a reason Pine Cliffs and the Algarve have brought home so many prestigious awards. From the fabulous stretches of beaches to world-class golf courses, this corner of Portugal attracts thousands of visitors every year who flock to see the stunning scenery and bask in the golden sun of this magnificent haven.

In this series of blog posts, we’re going to outline the top reasons to visit the Algarve and what you simply can’t miss while you’re here. In this first post, we’ll give you an overview of the area. In our next post, we’ll outline some of the best villages and places to visit during your stay. And in the following posts, we’ll show you some of the amazing attractions, historical sites and places of outstanding natural beauty so that you can plan the adventure of a lifetime during your visit to one of the most beautiful and exciting corners of the planet.

Stunning Coast

When visitors to the Algarve think back to their glorious days spent in the sun, it’s the beaches they remember first. Here, the Algarve really shines. Its varied beaches feature drama and beauty, from gorgeous stretches of golden sands perfect for a long lie in the sun to the rocky outcrops, hidden cove beaches and crescent bays that are perfect for days spent exploring on long adventures. Families benefit, too – thanks to the area’s popularity, many of the beaches come with Blue Flag credentials.

Albufeira: The Number One Destination

Gorgeous Albufeira is far and away the top destination in the Algarve. This is where Pine Cliffs Resort is nestled onto the rocky cliffs and exquisite sands of the Falesia Beach, making it the number one spot for holiday-makers in need of a little sun. Albufeira features some of the best restaurants in Portugal and a vibrant mix of nightclubs and bars that stay up all night long. During the day, visitors can enjoy the town’s cobbled squares, lively market stalls and excellent open-air cafes and restaurants.

Villages Near Pine Cliffs Resort, Portugal

Guests of Pine Cliffs Resort should be sure to explore the surrounding areas of the Algarve. Close to Albufeira and the resort is the sleepy fishing village of Olhos d’Agua, an authentically Portuguese cluster of houses and shops that opens onto a lovely beach with freshwater springs and rock pools, a perfect place for small children to play. Sao Rafael is also nearby, and features awe-inspiring rock formations that have to be seen to be believed.

Don’t miss the next part of our series on exploring the Algarve – in the next post, we’ll outline the top villages to see during your trip so you can get an authentic taste of everything Portugal has to offer. Whether you’re after a lazy holiday in the sun, a week of outdoor adventure, or whether you live for the nightlife, the Algarve has everything you’re looking for!