The Praia da Falésia

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The gorgeous Praia da Falésia’s golden sands stretch for more than six kilometres from Olhos do Agua to the east to Vilamoura in the west, making it one of Portugal’s longest beaches. At Albufeira, a peaceful seaside town known to locals as “beach town”, the Praia da Falésia is bordered by fragrant pine groves and the red cliffs that make it famous and give the beach its name. These unusual, visually striking cliffs are tall enough to block winds but not so tall to prevent easy access to the beach, so it’s no wonder that this location at Albufeira has become a world-famous hotspot for resorts, sunbathing, golf and water sports of all kinds.

The vast expanse of the beach, coupled with the sleepy atmosphere of the local town make this stretch of sand one of the most relaxed, tucked-away places in the Algarve. But don’t let the laid-back surroundings fool you – this is also home to some of the world’s finest luxury resorts, and features gourmet restaurants, bars and five-star hotels. Visitors from across the globe flock to this stunning beach location to sample the fine local cuisine and bask in the sun’s glorious rays in this peaceful locale. The adventurous can also find a number of fascinating cultural, historical and natural wonders to visit nearby, from the gorgeous Ria Formosa natural park to the ancient Roman ruins, to simply exploring the numerous medieval villages dotted across the landscape where authentic, mouthwatering Portuguese food can be leisurely enjoyed over a long lunch.

Falésia beach benefits from kilometres of gorgeous sands, the shelter of beautiful red cliffs and its convenient location between the resort villages of Vilamoura and Albufeira, making it a popular location for families and couples. The beach itself is ideal: boasting some of the best weather in the region, Falésia also features only a gentle slope to the water and is serviced by many beachfront restaurants, cafés and bars. In many locations, lifeguards are also on duty. Ample, if unorganised, parking is available near Albufeira.

Visitors keen to sample Portugal’s great outdoors can enjoy not only the warm waves of the Atlantic and sunbathing on the beach, but can also take long walks or bike rides through the coastal paths that run along the cliff tops and connect the beautiful villages of the Algarve, such as Olhos de Agua and Açoteias. The warmth of the sun is contrasted with the cool shade provided by the pine groves that accent the cliffs and the stretches of landscape.

Water adventurers will enjoy the numerous boat excursions and water sport facilities available in Vilamoura and Albufeira, including windsurfing, scuba diving and water skiing. Golf fans will also be in paradise, with championship golf courses situated nearby, including Pine Cliff’s world-famous 9-hole course with their legendary “Devil’s Parlour” – a hole requiring a shot straight across a 197 metre gorge!